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Dr.Web products for protecting personal data

When you use certified versions of Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, you will be able to block all the paths that viruses and spam use to infiltrate computers and meet data-protection security requirements related to protecting data from unauthorised access and providing data-transfer channels with centralised protection.

Dr.Web Desktop Security Suite

for comprehensive anti-virus protection for workstations

  • protect against viruses and hacker attacks;
  • restrict access to various Internet sites, selected disks, folders or files;
  • scan Internet traffic before it reaches different programs.

Dr.Web Mail Security Suite and Dr.Web Gateway Security Suite

for filtering email and Internet traffic

  • increased network security level;
  • lower Internet traffic;
  • reduced load on employee computers.

Just protecting workstations and personal computers is not enough.

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center

for managing network health

  • anti-virus protection monitoring from any part of the globe;
  • a prompt response to incidents, reducing the risk of network infections and damage caused by data losses, Internet connection breakdowns, and business partners being impacted by infection issues;
  • the automation of routine security operations, the collection of statistics, and regular network scans.

Using anti-virus software from the same developer lowers acquisition costs, eliminates compatibility issues between applications from different vendors, and saves traffic after installation.

Protection in practice

Thousands of companies that handle personal data have entrusted the security of their information systems to certified Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite products.

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